At Modern Insurance, we understand that there are many online options for health insurance information, rate quotes and applications for insurance. Most search engines will reveal health insurance web sites that land in one of two categories:

(1) Some health insurance web sites will issue instant rate quotes and will allow you to apply right online without having to speak to anyone. This works well for those that have an insurance license or prior experience in the health insurance industry. However, for most people, these services do not necessarily help you determine which health insurance plan is right for you. For example, can the final premium end up higher than the quoted rate? Are you eligible for the plan you want in regards to pre-existing health conditions? If you are approved, are your pre-existing health conditions covered? How do the deductibles, copays and coinsurance work on each plan? Do the medical providers you prefer accept the insurance plan you are interested in? How does the plan work when out-of-network services are used? Questions such as these are better answered with a phone consultation with a professional insurance agent.

(2) Another common source of health insurance quotes are web sites that claim to offer instant rate quotes after you provide your phone number and e-mail address. However, instead of getting the instant rate quotes desired, you will end up with multiple phone and e-mail solicitations from health insurance agents and telemarketing call centers. Many agents that call will be from outside of Connecticut and will use heavy-handed, high pressure or even fraudulent sales tactics to get you to apply right over the phone without giving you the chance to completely review insurance company literature or compare options from multiple companies. In some cases, consumers are outright lied to about false enrollment deadlines or about the health insurance coverage itself. Out-of-state agents and call centers are usually promoting only 1 or 2 companies that pay high commissions and they are usually unfamiliar with all the insurance companies and plan variations available in Connecticut or the insurance laws that are unique to this state.

Beware of insurance agents that:

(1) attempt to get credit card information over the phone during the initial phone call or before giving you a chance review outlines of coverage from the insurer.

(2) are pushing you to commit to a health insurance plan right over the phone without letting you take your time to review coverage outlines.

(3) claim there is limited enrollment available in Connecticut.

(4) claim that you will permanently lose eligibility for a certain insurance plan unless you apply that day or by a certain date.

(5) will not agree to let you verify their insurance license and the companies they work with through the Connecticut Insurance Department. To verify an agent’s license and the carriers they are appointed with, click on this link and enter their license number or first and last name:

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